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chelsea & john – october 12, 2013

I am always impressed when the groom attends the initial meeting with me to discuss wedding planning details. However, John super impressed me and I think I shall give him the award for most organized groom EVER! He was so detailed and on top of things throughout the planning process and amazed me with his organization skills. I was also impressed at Chelsea’s willingness to let her fiancé take the reign on many aspects of the wedding planning – talk about a laid back bride! (I lucked out with these two – big time!)

Chelsea and John knew exactly what they wanted for their wedding and put in a lot of hard work to make it special. From the succulent boxes they planted to the bottles and candles they collected, each detail was carefully thought out. They also made their own photo booth as well as hand painted all the pillows that filled the lounge spaces.

Their wedding day arrived and they couldn’t have asked for better weather for a wedding by the beach. I first got to see Chelsea right before they did their first look. She was already tearing up at the thought of seeing her groom for the first time. I got to watch their first look at each other and I couldn’t help but tear up myself! The two of them had worked so hard on their wedding and you could tell they were overcome with emotion as their big day was finally here!

After a beautiful ceremony, guests dined on yummy food courtesy of Iva Lee’s. After the plates were cleared, Chelsea shared a special dance with her father followed by a dance with John and his mother. Soon after, all the guests joined in on the dancing. Even with all their friends and family around, Chelsea and John never lost sight of one another. By the looks and smiles on their faces, you could tell they were having the time of their lives.

{Chelsea & John – Thank you times a thousand for letting me be a part of your big day! There is no doubt that the two of you were most definitely meant to be together. Your wedding day was a perfect testament to that and one that I won’t soon forget. I wish you all the best as husband and wife!}

Check back soon to see pictures from their fabulous day!

Thank you to the following vendors for making the day wonderful:

DJ – DJ Mayn, E Mobile Music

Catering – Iva Lees

Photography – Tina Shawal Photography

Hair & Make-up – Something Blue

Officiant – Don Johnson

Violinist – Jessica Haddy, Haddy Music

Cake – Cake Bake Shop

Venue – Historic Cottage

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matt & katie – november 30, 2013

The first time I spoke with Katie and Matt was over a conference call – not your typical meeting. However, even without meeting them in person, I knew I wanted to work with them on their wedding. The rest of our meetings were mainly done over the phone and consisted of planning and laughing – but mostly laughing. My likeness for these two grew quickly and I couldn’t wait until their big day!

Thanksgiving weekend came and their wedding day was finally here! I got to sneak a peak of the bride moments before she walked down the aisle. Katie looked absolutely stunning in her wedding dress – like something you would see in a bridal magazine – only prettier! I couldn’t wait to see Matt’s face when he saw her for the first time. Not only did Katie look amazing, but she was surrounded by some beautiful bridesmaids! Aside from all the good looks, and more importantly, the ceremony was beautiful.  I definitely cried a little – partly because I was 8 1/2 months pregnant and emotional, but mainly because I was touched by how much these two really loved one another.

After the ceremony, guests made their way to cocktail hour where they sipped on cocktails and caught glimpses of the big college football game playing at the bar. I would describe their wedding reception as a combination of classic elegance and coziness. With the fireplaces lit, you couldn’t help but feel the warmth of being surrounded by love, family and friends. And these families and friends sure came to party! One of my favorite parts of a wedding is watching the guests and bridal party on the dance floor. Mainly because you can tell by their smiles and laughter that they are having such a fun time and that they are truly enjoying the celebration of a special couple. Also, because I get to see some amazing and original dance moves.

{Matt & Katie – Thank you so much for allowing me to be a small part of your big love story. I abolutely adore both of you and know why you chose each other to spend forever with. I wish you all the best in your future as husband and wife! Congratulations!!}

Thank you to the following vendors for a spectacular day:

Band – The Juke Box

Photography – Rich Lander, CHARD Photographer

Hair – Sarah Walton

Make-up – Dottie Palmer

Cake – French’s Pastry

Flowers – Flowers, Etc.

Photobooth – Viral Booth

Videographer – Levi Ellis

Venue – Dove Canyon Country Club

Thanks to CHARD Photographer for these amazing images!

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matt & kayla – october 19, 2013

I first met Kayla and Matt over coffee where we discussed their wedding and got to know each other. I loved hearing about all their ideas for their October wedding by the beach. I got the chance to work at their venue in September and was looking forward to seeing how they envisioned the space for their big day.

On the day of their wedding, Kayla looked absolutely flawless in her dress. Her beautiful wavy locks were perfect for a wedding by the beach. As she made her way down the aisle, Matt smiled from ear to ear, taking in all of her beauty. You could tell these two had a special love for one another and couldn’t wait to say “I do!”.  

After the beautiful ceremony, guests made their way to the reception. Kayla and her mom worked so hard on all the details that went into their wedding. From the hand painted wooden signs to the beautiful table arrangements, no detail was left spared. I just love all the flowers that Kayla chose to compliment the natural park setting.

For dinner, guests dined on pizza straight from authentic wood fired brick ovens – something I had never seen before at a wedding. I got to taste the pizza for myself and it was amazing! After dinner, guests filled the dance floor and enjoyed music played by both a DJ and a band (who were friends of Matt and Kayla’s which made it that much more special!) It was so fun to watch Kayla and Matt be surrounded by all their family and friends as they all celebrated together on the dance floor.

{Matt & Kayla – You two are such a beautiful couple and I am so honored to have had the chance to be a part of your big day. I wish you both all the best in your adventures as husband and wife and hope you had a fantastic time on your honeymoon!}  

Thank you to the following vendors for making the day perfect:

DJ – Steve Shanahan, Honored Occasions

Caetering & Rentals - Persiano Events

Photography – Josh Elliott Photography

Make-up – Beauty & The Beach

Officiant – Seth Ebel

Cake & Cupcakes – Shelly, family friend

Bartending/Servers – At Your Service

Flowers – Kendra, family friend

Photobooth – TMZ Booths

Venue – Cyprus Shore Park

Here is a sneak peak at some of the beautiful images to come courtesy of Josh Elliott:


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new year, new addition

This past year was such a wonderful year! I can’t believe we are already a month into 2014 – where does the time go? I am feeling a little behind these days but for a good reason. We added a new member to our family on December 16th – our baby girl Brooklyn. She is the perfect addition to our family and we can’t get enough of her! However, life with two kids certainly has kept me busy and I have yet to post the last of my 2013 weddings. Hopefully as things settle down in the coming weeks, I’ll be able to share the beautiful pictures with all of you. In the mean time, check out these awesome pics of my new family of four, courtesy of Amanda Patrice. If anyone out there is looking for a photographer to capture photos of their family be sure to contact her. She’s wonderful!


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amy & ross – september 28, 2013

I first met Amy about 7 years ago through her brother Trevor, who is a close friend of mine. Amy is the kind of person that every girl wants to be friends with. She has such an infectious smile and the warmest personality. When I heard that she got engaged, I was so excited for her. The fact that she wanted me to be her wedding planner was icing on the cake!

Their wedding was held at Bernardo Winery in San Diego – the perfect setting for their romantic outdoor wedding. They chose the fabulous Whitney Schey of Whitney Darling Photography to capture every perfect moment of their special day. Whitney summed up the day better than I could have ever done myself:

“Their wedding was a country-chic harvest, the comfort of warm apple pie on a September night, the enchantment of that moon-glow-front-porch kiss you imagined a million times. The evening was covered with the charm of old-world hospitality and a thousand falling stars all at once. Easy on the eyes and healthy for the heart. We’d all attest to that– as caravans drove off the winery lot, cameras and purses strewn across the backseat, headlights leading us back to who and what waits for us at home. We returned with a confidence that promised amidst hustling highways and nine-to-fives, a slow and steady Saturday morning love still exists. We know because we saw it with our very eyes.

But back it up a bit. Voyage along the relived hours of it, ride along the details of it. Guests piling into San Diego’s best kept secret– Bernardo Winery– the property she says “they both knew was everything they had envisioned.” All eyes double-fist feasting and savoring the rustic ambiance. Old world farmer vineyard essentials, wood-pallet signage pointing the way, sprouted succulents stretching from teacup bottoms and terra-cotta basins, faded hoses strewn, worn in boots, collections of rusted rakes and fancy wine bottles– it was as if we were transported into an era that thrived on grapes by day and romance by night. Simple life. The kind we miss, whether we’ve ever lived it or not.

Goldy-locks Amy all adorned in a sweetheart cut lacey lullaby, dripping with the glint of elegant diamonds– she waited behind a door, moments away from what she now says was one of the most sentimental parts of the day– having a minute with her dad before floating down the aisle. She had been waiting for him, anticipating a quiet moment together, and then the door swung open and she saw his face’s reflection of what he saw in her. His unconditional love taught her what to look for in a man.

And just like that, it was time. And just like they tell you will happen– the morning hours subtly escape and it’s time to transition your whole world down that fairytale aisle. A goldy-locks bride swooshing and shining shades of gratitude and grace, her face met his gaze, and what unfolded next she describes best, “The look in his eyes as we stood hand in hand at the alter saying our vows, it was paralyzing.”

Love at the end of the aisle, it’ll stop you dead in your midst, it’ll break the laws of time and it’ll shame your flawed imagination, because the truth is you can’t ever imagine the weight of its sincerity, that once-upon-a-time moment, as the world mutes and helplessly hangs on a string, breath and detail suspended as you awaken and rise to the enormity of what’s actually before you– love that turned your world upside down and your heart right side up. Love so strong it’ll eventually shake the strongholds of selfishness right out of you, leaving you with little more than a gut-deep thirst that over a lifetime you could- you would- you will- learn to bless this person’s life into deeper meaning. It’s the great task before you, and right there at the end of the aisle, you know it. And not only do you know it, you want it, so bad, because you know your flesh and bones were made for this very reason. To turn your inward eyes outward. It’s the strain that feels right. To wrestle all that’s wrong within you and within the universe back into the ground, all the yuck you’ve carried and seen carried, you want to see it buried. So in a thrall of hope you reach for God because of the things you’ve seen, because it’ll take the strength of the author of life to bless this person the way you want to bless this person… And over time, in a learned harmony, to bless the world with this person.

And this is why you’re there. Under that old wooden steeple, that now-sacred place at the end of the aisle. Because you know there could be nothing more satisfying than this.”

- Whitney Schey, Whitney Darling Photography

{Amy & Ross – Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to be part of your special day. I adore you both and consider myself lucky to have witnessed such an amazing couple tie the knot. I wish you so much love and happiness in your future as husband and wife!}

Thank you to the following vendors for making the day so fabulous:

DJ – Eric Torres, Extreme DJ

Catering – Cafe Merlot

Photography – Whitney Darling Photography

Hair & Make-up – Tiffany Monday

Officiant – Todd Rodarmel

Flowers – Whimsey Florals

Venue – Benardo Winery

Once again, Whitney amazes me with her skills! Check out these images from Amy & Ross’ big day!

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